Interactive Sailing Experience in Oostende

6 - 50


Your guests will be introduced to the ins and outs of sailing in no time so that they can perform the various tasks on board and reach the set destination. Just like in business, teamwork and flexibly responding to changing situations are crucial for running a sailing ship! Upon embarkation, the participants are briefed on sailing in general, different nautical terms, the division of tasks,… after which the fleet collectively puts out to sea. The professional skipper who is always on board provides the necessary oral instructions and lets the participants sail the yacht themselves under his supervision. Your guests will hoist the sails, and take the helm, taking into account the current, waves, ... We meet the highest standards to instruct your people safely and in all weather conditions.

Supplies needed

Sneakers or light soled boat shoes are best (dark soles tend leave marks on the boats) but any comfortable, casual shoes are fine.  Shoes to avoid are of course high heels, dress shoes or any made of leather which won’t take well to a splash of water. If there is a chance of rain or cooler weather we recommend bringing a water proof windbreaker and extra fleece or sweater.

Interactive Sailing Experience in West-Vlaanderen?