The event agency of the coast!

At Flanders Eventmaker, we love organizing quality events for companies on the Belgian coast! Whether it's team building, seminars, conferences, family days or staff days, we have it all. Our experienced team is ready to organize your event to perfection and make it an unforgettable experience.

So if you're looking for a company that offers the perfect blend of professionalism and fun, look no further! Check out our offerings and find out how we can make your next event a huge success!

Have you ever thought about this?


It would just happen to you, you want to go sail car riding and there is no wind or worse, it is raining cats and dogs. We always provide a suitable alternative for you and what is even stronger, you only pay for the activity that takes place.


That restaurant looks good on the internet, but is it really? And can they handle groups in a smooth manner?
After 10 years of exclusively serving the coast, we can certainly help you offer a quality venue, indeed we know the places you might never go....


If you are organizing something with the company then recognition is definitely important, a few flags, a few banners,...  soon a van full. But who comes an hour in advance to get everything ready and who cleans everything up?
Send your material in advance and we will make sure everything is ready.


Had we known that this location was not so far after all, better not have booked that bus.... or conversely, maybe this was just too far to send everyone on foot after all. we lost over an hour.... We know what feasible distances between locations are.


Photos are important to keep the memory of this beautiful day alive.  Everyone is having fun and you probably are too. But you have to stop every 5 min just to take pictures....
Don't let the fun be spoiled, our people will take pictures for you all day.


You probably know the feeling: "where did I put that ticket now because it still has to be refunded" and "who had paid at the bar?".
We not only take care of a proper costing for the event, but also all payments during the event and provide a clear invoice at the end.