Shrimp fishing in Op uw locatie

Op uw locatie
8 - 16


Step into the boots of the traditional shrimp fishermen and sample your own catch! Belgian grey shrimps, a little delicacy of ours, have been "seasoned" in the original way for many years and then prepared according to traditional methods, at least if a real shrimp trader does his thing. These people have the know-how to properly collect and prepare this grey delicacy from the North Sea. Every grocer has his own secret recipe and swears by it. Many a great restaurateur and connoisseur will agree that a freshly caught and cooked lukewarm shrimp is one of the world's greatest delicacies. Completely different from the commercialised shrimp brought in by coastal fishing vessels. Immerse yourself in this beautiful Belgian tradition!

Supplies needed

Spare clothes


Fishermen's suits. Cooking and tasting with local beer. All necessary equipment. Teachers and/or guides. Delivered on location. Administrative costs.

Shrimp fishing in West-Vlaanderen?