Haka 1 hour in Op uw locatie

Op uw locatie
1 - 200


Meet the world-famous phenomenon from New Zealand: Haka!A haka is the way to make a clear statement as a group. This is done through the use of body and voice. Add to this the combination of inner and outer strength and you are ready to impress others. In Maori culture, every occasion has its own dance or 'haka'. Haka's are there for births, weddings, funerals, as well as for opponents in fights or competitions.Haka is an energetic activity in which, based on the old traditional haka, you create your own. Follow in the footsteps of these sports heroes and their ancestors with your company!

Supplies needed

Comfortable clothes and sporty shoes


Teachers and/or supervisors.All necessary materials.Project manager on siteAdministrative costs

Haka 1 hour in West-Vlaanderen?