TramQuest in Op uw locatie

Op uw locatie
10 - 100


The tram quest contains a lot of questions and commands that you will carry out while travelling by tram. Sometimes you will be forced to get off, but it is key to leave on the same tram again. The assignment is to find the answers as quickly as possible! You will find the solutions very close to the tram stops. In case you miss your tram, you just wait for the next one. You will find a legend indicating the different kinds of questions. The purpose of this rally is for you to get to know more about the local culture of our coastal areas. and to arrive at the end station (the same as where you started, unless agreed upon otherwise) with the complete group. There are more questions than you can and should resolve, so choose wisely…


Administration fees All the necessary equipment. Contact person on site Refreshments with cava and fruit

TramQuest in West-Vlaanderen?