Sand yachting in De Panne

De Panne
10 - 50


Do you like wind and beach and you're not afraid of a bit of speed? Then sand yachting is just the thing for you! It really isn't as hard as it looks. After a short introduction, you can hop on and sail away. You will be surprised how fast you can go! A wind force of 25 km/h is sufficient to reach a speed of 50 km/h. No engine roars or smelly fumes, just the sound of the wheels touching the sand and the whistling wind. The perfect recipe to forget about everything and have fun. What more could one wish?

Supplies needed

Water resistent shoes and a pair of extra shoes. Bring a pair of extra clothes. Gloves Towel and shower gel


Sailing suits / helmets Insurance Refreshments with cava and fruit Instructors Necessary equipment Contact person on site Administration fees

Sand yachting in West-Vlaanderen?